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We want to connect with you and connect you to God! It’s the reason we exist! We have many ways in which we can connect with you, including email, Instagram, and Facebook, to name a few.

We upload pre-recorded services weekly to our YouTube channel, which you can stream anywhere you have an internet connection and enjoy anytime throughout your week.

We also hold regular live connects that are open to anyone worldwide at 7:30pm EST Canada time zone on Zoom, where we chat about the message that week and about life in general. We spend time ministering and praying with and for those who need support. These are great times to connect with each other and build relationships. To find out what time that is in your part of the world, simply head over to the time and date website where you'll see that 7:30pm Ottawa is already filled in, and then add your city and you'll see what time that is for you. Then you can join in at that time by simply clicking the link below!

Weekly Zoom Connect

Connect with us through:


  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Or fill out the contact form below: 

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